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Albanian-American Islamic Center of Queens

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 All the members as well as the entire Albanian Muslim community are informed that:

· The Day of Arafat will be on Sunday December 7

· Eid al-Edha will be on Monday December 8

· Fajr (morning) prayer on this day will begin at 6:45AM and the Eid Prayer will begin at 8:00AM

· Monetary value of Kurbani for this year is $150



        Eid al-Edha is the second of the muslim holidays. As Eid al-Fitr that comes after fasting of the Holy month of Ramazan (that is the third pillar of Islam) Eid al-Edha comes after the fifth   pillar of Islam Hajj (the pilgrimage to the magnificient Ka’ba).


        Hajj means goal towards “the House of Allah (swt)” Ka’ba in Mekka. It symbolizes “meeting” with our Lord in this world to re-attest our covenant that He is our Lord and we are His servants. Therefore, Hajj is a spiritual revival for the believer; and, as the Prophet (saws) has said in hadith:


     “The one who fulfills Hajj for the sake of Allah (swt) and stays away from offensive words and sins he will return after Hajj free from all his sins, the way he was when he was born.” (Bukhari, Muslim)


       Eid al-Edha, as its name points out (Edha derived from Udhija meaning sacrifice), is   connected to the ritual of sacrificing (animals) for the sake of our Lord. This is to remind us that we must be ready anytime to sacrifice the most beloved things to us to achieve the pleasure of our Lord, in the same manner that prophet Ibrahim (as) was ready to sacrifice his only son Ismail. Allah (swt) rewarded him for his strong conviction and obedience to the order of Allah (swt), and a male sheep was brought to Ibrahim to sacrifice instead of his son. The   sacrifice of kurbani reminds us of the test that Ibrahim (as) went through and his steadfastness and belief in the goodness of Allah (swt).

        However, if circumstances are such that we can not sacrifice an animal in the proper religious manner, or that we can not find someone else to do it for us, then the last option we have is to give its value in money.


“It is not their meat nor their blood that reaches Allah; it is your piety that reaches Him.”  (22:37)


        The first ten days of Dhul-Hijjah, that started on Saturday November 29, carry particular meaning and blessings. Therefore, it is recommended that we fast these days glorifying Allah (swt); especially, the day of Arafat, that falls on Sunday December 7. For this day the Prophet (saws) has said:


Fasting of the day of Arafat is accounted with Allah (swt) so that He (swt) will forgive the sins of two years, the previous year and the next coming year.” (Muslim)


       Respected members:


We pray that Allah (swt) accept all your ibadat (worshipping and good deeds) and that this Eid find you and us in strong faith, peace and harmony. Eid Mubarek.



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